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Centre for teaching & research in disaster medicine and traumatology - in English

Centre for teaching & research in disaster medicine and traumatology (KMC) is an independant production unit directly subordinated to the County Council of Östergötland and the University of Linköping.

Our mission is to pursue research, development and education within the areas of Disaster Medicine and Traumatology, at a regional, national and international level.


Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology
University Hospital
SE-581 85 Linköping

About KMC

The universal purpose of these areas is to create new knowledge within Disaster Medicine with focus on the patient.

The main areas of KMC are Disaster medicine management, Command and control, Information support, Quality assessment, Documentation, Triage, Pedagogical development and Traumatology.

KMC's employer is mainly the University of Linköping, County Council of Östergötland, the National Board of Health and Welfare, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), and different education units at a national and international level. The assignments of KMC can derive from both public and private organizations and comprehend education, development or research.

Conceptual idea

Since KMC represents openness as well as development and spread of knowledge, we are considered as a national and international centre for knowledge and research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology.

KMC:s conceptual ideas are that research, development, education, and the actual Disaster Medicine practice should be founded on the same principals:
- that the patient and the handling of patient should be prioritised in a clear manner.
- that results should be measurable, comparable and analysed.


KMC pursues education on local, regional and national levels. Further, KMC is a partner in the European Master Programme in Disaster Medicine.

European Master Programme in Disaster Medicine ( External link.


KMC manages several projects of development within the field of Disaster Medicine. The pedagogical tool Emergo Train System is developed and administered at KMC. KMC also provides needed efforts at major incidents, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Emergo Train System ( External link.


One of the fundamentally based ideas within KMC, is that when possible, results are to be published. This concept has generated published articles, reports, books and journals and medical dissertations. This reflects KMC's openness and willingness in participating in the debate, trying to increase knowledge of these issues.
The projects mainly focus on performance indicators for prehospital care, Command and Control and Rescue Services coordination. KMC has research collaboration in Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response, SecurityLink, Swedish Defence Academy, Karolinska Institute and European Master in Disaster Medicine.

Contact information

Telephone: +46-10-103 3569
Fax: +46-10-103 2910