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Digital lunch seminar e-Health: Digital tools to aid migrants


Welcome to a digital lunch seminar e-Health

Helen – Digital interpretation apps for caregivers, patients, and education
Worldish provides a communication platform called Helen which comprises of series
of culturally adapted communication modules that help the immigrants in
communication & language learning within healthcare, elderly care, or everyday life,
through AI, translation tech and visual aids. Helen has been developed for
communication within 60 languages across healthcare and other welfare settings.
Speaker: Abishek Jacob, Worldish AB

Development and testing of a culturally appropriate website within Primary
healthcare, aiming to support self-care in migrants with type 2 diabetes
Migrants from the Middle East is a vulnerable group regarding prevalence, self-care and
knowledge about type 2 diabetes. We have, together with patients born in the Middle East,
and healthcare providers in Primary health care, developed a culturally appropriate website, including written, audio, and video information about type 2 diabetes to support self-care in migrants with type 2 diabetes. After achieving feedback from a feasibility study, the website will be further developed and tested within Primary health care.
Speaker: Sara Pettersson, HMV

Language: English

Zoom link: Länk till annan webbplats.